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Learning German and finding belonging

Many of our employees and volunteers have been active in supporting refugees for a long time. We noticed that many of our refugee friends and acquaintances can hardly speak German despite completing a B1 course. The failure rate in state integration courses is also very high. This significantly impairs their opportunities, from looking for a job to making friends with Germans and generally to integration.  

We are convinced that language is the key to people's hearts

We are convinced that language is the key to people's hearts. In order for refugees to really be able to dock in Germany, they must be able to understand their counterparts and express themselves

Therefore, since January 2020, we have started offering language courses based on the language learning method of growing integration (Growing Participator Approach). The method is very interactive and (almost) always requires an action on the learned word. Our international volunteers run these courses with the help of German language tutors. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 6 participants per course.

Our goal is to learn German together, make new friends and make a contribution so that they can feel at home. We met every day and learned the language in a playful way based on stories. Our participants enjoy the family atmosphere and the resulting friendships. We have come much closer to the key to the heart.

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