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The situation of the Ukrainian refugees is affecting all of our hearts and minds. We have to help instead of being in fear about the extension of the war.

Daily more than thousand refugees arrive at Hamburg’s Central Station. Our community space is just 5 walking minutes away from the central station. We decided to open it up to be a place for the refugees to rest, to charge their phones and have access to internet, to have a hot drink or even a meal, and provide them information of more resources to settle in the city or to continue their journey.

Some of the Ukrainian Refugees are very exhausted and just want to sit or take a nap. Other are happy to talk about their experiences. And the kids enjoy the opportunity to play with our volunteers. This also gives the mothers a short break.

We have daily costs for food, drinks, transport and communications. Your gift will make it possible in this critical timing to show kindness to these people! Our Team of volunteers consists of Germans, but also of arab and farsi former refugees, who help now and love on "the new guests who come into our city", as a Persian refugee friend put it, who came also not more than a year ago.

We have daily cost for the space, food, drinks, transport and communications of up to $200 and invite you to partner with us in dealing with this human tragedy.

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